Featured Project

Our featured project was an intensely collaborative effort between the owners, RMJ Construction & Development, and eM/Zed Design. The home is a classic 1936 English Cottage-style house designed by renowned Portland Arts and Crafts architect Wade Hampton Pipes. The designers at eM/Zed comprehensively researched the work of Mr. Pipes to the extent of unearthing design criteria that he published in the 1920s and then following these criteria to a tee. The RMJ Construction & Development team was then able to carefully construct this ambitious remodel, which enabled the owners to realize their desire for both more space and a bolder curb appeal, while staying true to the architectural intent of the original structure. The project commenced in February and completed on time and on budget in June, all while the owners and their children were living in the home! Truly, this project is a great example of how design and execution, professionally done with pride and forethought, leads to results that are aesthetically pleasing and fiscally responsible.


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