Bruce Barbarasch & Kate Haas
(503) 872-9943
2-story addition
"We've enjoyed working with you and your crew. You have good follow through, an attention to detail, and are responsive to questions and concerns. You're on my all star list of contractors." – Bruce

Cynthia Chase
(503) 267-8326
Dormer/Bathroom addition, Kitchen remodel

Kevin & Donna Jones
Master bedroom-bathroom remodel/dormer, basement remodel

Joe Kaliszewski
(503) 731-8948
Complete home remodel featured in fine Homebuilding magazine
(see Featured Project page)

Michelle & Josh Mandel
(503) 984-5699
Basement remodel
"We could not be happier with the beautiful space you created for us. Thank you so very much! Working with you all is such a pleasure and seeing Jed’s smiley face every day truly made the process ever so painless!" - Michelle

Rory & Kate Schmick
Master bedroom-bath remodel, basement remodel
"Thanks so much for working through all the final little details…you guys have been really, really great to work with. In fact, I was just recommending you to some friends this weekend." - Rory



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(503) 452-1376 FAX

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